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Curlew in flight

Curlew In France

The hunting of curlew in France has long been a point of contention, with moratoriums being placed and lifted on and off throughout the past 10 years. Within Western Europe it is now recognised that the population of Eurasian Curlew is decreasing rapidly, and measures are being put in place to try and halt the decline, including the …

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New collaboration for Curlew Country

UK Lowland Curlew Recovery (Curlew Country) and The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust collaborate to help the lowland curlew population survive. Following the findings of the first two years of the project, when no chicks successfully fledged from nests, Curlew Country decided to take drastic measures to prevent the signficant population of local curlew from dying …

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Charity Lunch

Kevan and Joy Fox have kindly arranged a charity lunch in aide of Curlew Country and Cancer Research. This event will be held at their beautiful farm setting on Sunday the 5th May. To book or find out more please email or phone 07512 524500.