Curlew Cam 2022 - Now live!

Curlew Cam is the very first live Curlew nest camera, set up originally in 2017 by Curlew Country. We have continued to stream Curlew Cam each year since, offering a rare glimpse into the nesting habits of these secretive British wading birds. The video footage has captured the hearts and minds of people both nationally and internationally.

Curlew Cam 2022 is sponsored by the Curlew Recovery Partnership, and we hope you enjoy following along with this pair’s journey! 

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Curlew Cam FAQ's

  • Is it a male or female on the nest?  Both, curlews share parental responsibility and therefore both sexes sit on the nest.  
  • How can we tell the male from the female?  Female curlews are larger and have longer bills however, it is difficult to tell them apart when they aren’t side by side. In this year’s pair, the male is ringed while the female is not.
  • Is there something protecting the nest? Yes, we have an electric fence around the nest to protect from predation. 
  • Why are we protecting curlew? Curlew populations have experienced dramatic declines in recent years, which we are trying to prevent and reverse. 
  • How many eggs are in the nest? There is a full clutch of 4 eggs in the Curlew Cam nest.
  • How long does incubation take?  Curlew eggs take approximately 29 days to hatch.   
  • When are they due to hatch?  It is difficult to estimate as we can’t establish the exact date of the eggs being laid, however we expect them to be hatching around the 14th of June.  
  • What happens to the curlew once they have hatched?  Curlew chicks are never fed by their parents and will leave the nest in search of food only a day or so after hatching. 

Our thanks go to Chris, Dan, Ben, and Sam from SWS Broadband and Peter Dobson at Carnyx Wild for their continued help to get the live nest camera up and running each year.