Curlew Cam 2021 - Now live!

Curlew Cam is the very first live Curlew nest camera, set up originally in 2017 by Curlew Country. We have continued to stream Curlew Cam each year since, offering a rare glimpse into the nesting habits of these secretive British wading birds. The video footage has captured the hearts and minds of people both nationally and internationally.

The chicks have now left the nest and are braving the outside world. You can click here to see all the footage from Curlew Cam if you missed any of the highlights. You can find out more about Curlew nesting habits here. 

Curlew Cam 2021 was sponsored by the Curlew Recovery Partnership, and we hope you enjoyed following along with this pair’s journey! 

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Our thanks go to Chris, Dan, Ben, and Sam from SWS Broadband and Peter Dobson at Carnyx Wild for their continued help to get the live nest camera up and running each year.