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 The Curlew is Britain’s largest wading bird, with a wonderful long curved bill, long legs and mottled feathers. Their long bubbling song for many signals the beginning of Spring, and they are often seen in our farmlands, uplands and coastal areas. In 2015 many words describing the natural world were removed from the Junior Oxford Dictionary, one of them being Curlew. This gradual move of the younger generations away from nature is something we wish to address. We want to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about these wonderful waders and the environment in which they live, so this page is full of resources and activity ideas to help you learn all about them. Lower down you will also find out wonderful Curlew Cam, streaming live from a Shropshire Curlew nest for all to enjoy! 

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Whether you are a teacher looking for classroom activities, a home educator wanting to delve into the world of local wildlife, or just want to have some fun, take a look at our activities to find something you want to try. All of our activities come with complete instructions and are perfect for anyone of primary school age!


Fancying testing your knowledge click the link below to see a range of quizzes made by the Curlew Country Team.

We have several Quizzes available for free including The Countryside Side Quiz, Curlew Quiz and more.

Primary School Lesson Resources

Our activities are linked to the National Curriculum, and are fitted into premade lesson plans that teachers or home educators can use straight away, or modify to suit their needs. 

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Curlew Cam

Why not take a peep at a real Curlew on our live Curlew Cam being watched by people around the world.

Both parents incubate (sit on) the eggs on a nest made on the ground, but they are famously hard to spot! 

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