An archive of video footage and clips from Curlew Country.

Curlew Cam 2020 – The Final 24 Hours

Curlew Cam this year was a huge success! The chicks left the nest on the 4th June, in the early afternoon. They have been fitted with radio tags so that we can hopefully track their progress in the coming weeks. Check our news posts and blog for updates, or subscribe to our mailing list. 

From Egg to Fledgling

Take a look back at the headstarting process with us, from egg, incubation, hatching, rearing and finally, release! Our work relies on donations and funding! Please give what you can to help us win the race against time to save curlew!

2018 Project Update

A short video about the season so far for Curlew Country, the trials the project faces and the new techniques being trialled to increase the population. Featuring project manager, Amanda Perkins, and project ornithologist, Tony Cross. Our thanks go to Billy Clapham for the filming and editing.