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  1. Hi I work with Curlew in Ireland. This is a great page. I am curious about the Curlew reared in the pen. 1. Did the adults hang around or did they leave after the eggs where collected. 2. What did you feed the Curlew chicks and 3. What are the chances you f them coming back to nest in the area?

    1. Hi,
      The parents were not nearby when the chicks were in the pen, however there were pairs of adult curlew around that would occasionally fly over. We fed them on chick crumbs, pellets, mealworms, earth worms, and bilberries. However this may change slightly this year. It is important to note that rearing chicks requires a licence to undergo. We would not expect the chicks to return this year, as they spend two years at the coast maturing. After that we do not know, but we hope some will return to the area in which they were reared. It is thought that curlew imprint on the sky to find their way back to breeding grounds. Time will tell, and we will be sure to post on our website any findings.

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