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In 2016 when Mary Colwell made her 500 mile walk for Curlews across Britain and Ireland she came to Curlew Country.  We were able to acquire some funds for arts activities to celebrate her walk and raise awareness of the plight of Curlews.

A consortium of artists:

Composed music, wrote lyrics and formed and rehearsed a choir engaged from our local community

Wrote creatively and held workshops to enable others to do so

Sculpted a magnificent Curlew flight sequence and held sculpture workshops

Filmed and photographed the arts activities and Curlews

This is a short film giving a taste of the celebratory event held at the end of the season, which Mary Colwell attended as guest of honour.  Creativity combined with passion for saving Curlews from extinction induced a few tears, but mainly the evening was one of joy at our good fortune to know and love these iconic birds.

In the words of a well-known songwriter ‘All in all it seems to go that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone’.

We hope that you are inspired to get creative, get out there and join in and don’t let this happen to our Curlews

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