Whether you are a teacher looking for classroom activities, a home educator wanting to delve into the world of local wildlife, or just want to have some fun, take a look at our activities to find something you want to try. All of our activities come with complete instructions and are perfect for anyone of primary school age!

Some of our activities involve journeying into the great outdoors, so make sure you grab your wellie boots and your suncream and get exploring.

Our activities require a range of equipment, but there are some that can be done with nothing but a paper and pen, so everyone can get involved. 

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Free Activities

Forage Like a Curlew

Curlew use their long, curved beaks to catch the critters that they eat. How good a curlew would you be? Test your critter catching skills with this fun activity.

Minibeast Hunting

Both baby and adult curlews eat minibeasts that they can find. Using this guide head out and see which minibeasts you can find and identify in the area near you! 

Let us know what you find!

Curlew Colouring

Curlew have excellent camouflage, allowing them to stay hidden in the long grass. Have a go at colouring in your curlew. How well hidden do you think it would be?  

Curlew Wordsearch

See how many of the curlew words you can find. 

Native Bird Trump Cards

Download our free printable native bird trump cards. Spend hours of fun playing with the cards we’ve made and use the blank cards to make your own!

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