What You Can Do!

Where ever you are Please Help to fund the project by supporting our Curlew Appeal

The curlew is a species that inspires all sorts of creative thinking. Our work has inspired others to get involved with saving curlew, and however big or small the initiative every bit helps to save these birds. Make a donation:

  • Through our paypal system, just click on the donate buttons below
  • By cheque, payable to Ground Nesting Birds Recovery Group, to Curlew Country, Rigmoreoak, Pennerley, Minsterley, Shropshire, SY5 0NE
  • Via Bank Transfer, HSBC, Welshpool, sort code 40-46-07 account number 21568655

If you live locally to the Shropshire & Welsh Marches Recovery Project area you can:


• To become a bird surveyor through membership of a local Community Wildlife Group.
• To undertake nest finding training and help the Curlew Country team and farmers next spring with the nest finding work
• To help with essential office admin work
For more information on volunteering to help with the project, please contact Amanda Perkins: curlewcountry@gwct.org.uk, 01743 296100

Report a curlew sighting

During the breeding season when Curlew have returned inland to breed, the more detailed and accurate sighting information we have of curlew activities, the better we are able to find curlew nests and monitor their breeding activities. Curlew sightings can be simply recorded online via our iRecord form:
Alternatively you can contact Amanda Perkins:
curlewcountry@gwct.org.uk, 01743 296100
or Community Wildlife Group Bird Surveyor co-ordinator, Leo Smith 01694 720296

Get involved with arts activities

This year we are working with a range of age-groups to celebrate our curlew population and collecting reminiscences in case we face the unthinkable and lose breeding waders from the local landscape altogether.
For more information on arts activities please contact Amanda Perkins:
curlewcountry@gwct.org.uk, 01743 296100, or check the face book page @curlewcountry

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