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Curlew Country has delivered real landscape scale conservation on the ground in a short time frame. Based in the Shropshire Hills and Powys borders, it works in close local partnership with land managers, volunteers and the wider community to achieve success. During its first two active years, nest monitoring revealed that no chicks survived to fully fledge from over 30 nests studied. This decline trend toward local Curlew extinction has been reversed by Curlew Country’s pioneering work:

Project active for 5 years

0 chicks fledged to 60 fully fledged chicks returned to natural environment in 3 years

40 pairs of breeding lowland curlew – a nationally significant lowland population

Works with over 80 farmers and land managers

Wide local, national and international engagement

Pioneered UK firsts for Curlew Recovery

Click here to download the Curlew Country Focus Area map

Curlews need:

  • Realistic agri-environment support for farmers supporting breeding waders and delivering the wide range of other environmental benefits that this will inevitably bring.
  • Predation control
  • Headstarting is a temporary measure to save Curlew whilst these are more complex measures are put in place

Please help us to save this species through achieving these measures for the longer term.


Updates on the current season can be found in the Curlew Country News posts or the Curlew Country Blog. 


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