Curlew Cam

Important Update!

We hope you have all enjoyed following along with the CurlewCam journey. The chicks have now left the nest and are out braving the big wide world. We would like to thank Carnyx Wild for the wonderful camera set up and local company Secure Web Services for supporting the streaming, allowing us all to get so close to these beautiful birds.

We are working on getting some more clips from the video footage to put up on the website, highlighting some of the most exciting moments!

The chicks were all radio tagged by our field ornithologist after they left the nest. This does not harm the birds in any way, but will allow us to return to relocate them in the coming weeks and monitor their progress. This information is vital in helping to secure the future for the local curlew population.

We will be posting updates about the progress of the chicks on our blog , see more here.


On 30th May, Peter Dobson from Carnyx Wild (2nd left) came with the kit for the Curlewcam.  Tony Cross, consultant ornithologist (left) supervised the work to minimise disturbance to the birds.  Chris New from local broadband network supplier Secure Web Services kindly supported the streaming and helped facilitate installation, providing more essential kit and Zoe New came along to help too.

Left: The CurlewCam Team, Middle: The nest with the camera on it, Right: The team hard at work

Listen to the Curlew Call below…

Recording by Krzysztof Deoniziak, XC247697. Accessible at