Appeal and Funding Update

After a rocky start to the year, with no certain funding secured to continue for the 2019 season, our efforts turned to crowdfunding in order to help us continue with our vital work. Securing funding has become increasingly difficult, with more and more organisations putting in bids to the same funding stream, whilst less money becomes available. As a smaller project we are often overlooked in favour of large well-known charities or NGO’s. However, we managed to raise over £10,000 through online donations, enabling us to draw down match funding from the Whitley Animal Protection Trust.

The fund-raising efforts were helped by some incredible individuals, who went the extra mile to help us. We are so grateful for everyone’s donations, however great or small. Special mention must go out to Waderquest and Pimhill Barn for their help in reaching the £10,000 goal. To Karen Lloyd for the donations from her event on World Curlew Day, offering people an evening of readings, poetry and music.  This year the support being given by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust to the headstarting initiative, has also been significant in enabling the project to continue its vital work.

It is with great excitement that we can now announce the Whitley Animal Protection Trust’s Second generous pledge. They have offered to donate another £10,000 to our project, if we are able to reach the £30,000 mark.

We are already off to a fantastic start, thanks to some of our keen supporters. These include The Fox family and their team of helpers, who held a wonderful charity lunch for Cancer and Curlews, with the proceeds of £7,000 being split between the two organisations. Leigh Weston, an Instagram farmer from Yorkshire, who raised £750 through her raffle from donated items. Wuzzlewood Woodcraft for the donation of a hand carved curlew headed walking stick to be raffled off, and Shropshire Wildlife Trust for their first donation of £2,500 to the project.

To those who have shown their support, put in considerable effort and believe in the work that we do. Thank You!

Now we need your help to raise the remaining portion of our £30,000 target. We have a licence to headstart chicks for a further year and want to start creating a landscape in which chicks can return to and fledge naturally.  You can donate by clicking the button below:


Send a cheque made payable to the ‘Ground-nesting Birds Recovery Group’ to Curlew Country, Rigmoreoak, Pennerley, Minsterley, Shropshire, SY5 0NE

Or send a direct bank transfer to Account No: 21568655 Sort Code: 40-46-07

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