Close Up Curlew Quiz

Close up Curlew quiz

Get up close and personal with all things Curlew - take a look at the following extra zoomed in and pixelated images and see if you can identify where they came from! 
1: What is this?
2: What is this?
3: What is this?
4: What is this?
5: What is this?
6: What is this?
7: What is this?
8: What is this?
9: What is this?
10: What is this?
11: What is this?
12: What is this?
Close up Curlew quiz
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1 thought on “Close Up Curlew Quiz”

  1. Dawn Bainbridge

    Enjoyed the visual quiz and photos of these beautiful birds , what fantastic feet !
    We have especially enjoyed being apart of Curlew Country’s Shropshire Project as volunteer surveyors, watching , listening and being close to their world.
    Looking forward with hope that we see many more returning year on and the call of the Curlew remains a spring delight in the countryside of Shropshire.

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