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Test your knowledge on the countryside code and how to behave responsibly to keep our beautiful outdoors in good shape for everyone to enjoy.

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1. Who should adhere to the Countryside Code?
2. Which of the following statements is true for bridleways?
3. You should leave gates...
4. You should only leave the designated footpaths if...
5. Which of the following should you do when out in the countryside? (You can select multiple answers)
6. In order to protect wildlife, farm animals and people, dogs should be kept under effective control. What does effective control mean?
7. Dogs do not have to be kept on a lead on open access land, except...
8. If livestock start to chase your dog, you should...
9. Weather conditions can be unpredictable. When going out and about in the countryside you should always...
10. Footpaths are usually marked with a yellow arrow, but who can use them?
11. Dogs do not have to be kept on a lead on open access land, except...
12. Bridleways are usually marked with a blue arrow, these can be used by...
13. Can a dog just chasing livestock cause any real harm?
14. Why might it be harmful to stray from rights of way if you cannot see any livestock?
15. On average how many fires are started on grass, heathland and moorland each year?
16. Which of the following things could start a fire out in the countryside?
17. There is so much countryside, why do these rules matter?
18. When travelling through a field containing livestock, when should you take extra care?

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