World Curlew Day 2023 News

New Learning Hub

Curlew Country is launching its new learning hub.  It includes a range of activities, quizzes and school lesson resources click the link below

Just the thing for a wet and foggy day like it is in Curlew Country.

Some of the educational activities are designed to be run alongside Curlew Cam (coming soon).  Please encourage local primary schools wherever you are to get involved with the programmes to introduce a new generation to this much-loved species and to help them get involved with securing its future.  

Curlew Country Walk

We are disappointed that we have had to postpone our Curlew Country walk due to poor weather conditions.  Our curlew are happy in the wet conditions they are used to and will be foraging well, but unlikely to be visibly flying, displaying and calling.  We will re-arrange a walk as soon as we get a reliable forecast for fair weather.  This is likely to be at short notice, so please check messages from us as soon as you can. 

Welcome back to three of the 2021 headstarting chicks

Curlew Country ornithologist, Tony Cross has spotted two of the 2021 headstarted chicks which have now returned as adults to the patch and a further 2021 chick has been reported to us in the Clee area by Julian Cartwright (thank you).  

These are adults that will have been away at coasts, estuaries and wet areas maturing for two years and have now migrated back into the area where they hatched and grew before setting off on their first migration.  We can identify them by the unique colour rings on their legs.  To hear more about pre-season ringing read Amanda Perkins’ latest blog click the link below

Picture Credit - Julian Cartwright

Curlew Observation

If like Julian you are a local ornithologist or bird enthusiast and spot a colour ringed curlew please let us know the details via our simple form click the link below. We love to have responsibly taken photos as well and are happy to credit you.

Curlew Country Curlew Breeding Season 

We are observing breeding behaviour in our area, but no eggs (nor chicks) yet.  If you cannot wait to see a chick, take a look back at the release of the first cohort of headstarted chicks of 2022.  This brought the total of headstarted chicks to 129 and we are looking forward to more being released this year.  Link the link below:

Sign Up To Keep In Touch With The Season Starting Now

To get more involved with our pioneering Curlew recovery work please sign up to follow the excitement of another Curlew conservation season here at Curlew Country.

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