Curlew Country Trainee Introductions: Rebecca

Following on from our previous introduction, Jake, we would now like to introduce Rebecca, who has taken on the second volunteer trainee post. They will both be working with Amber Bicheno, learning as they help us raise the next generation of young Curlew.

Read below to learn more about this new member of our seasonal headstarting team.


I am Rebecca one of the trainee aviculturists this season for Curlew Country. I graduated last summer after studying biological sciences at the University of Exeter. My degree expanded my knowledge and piqued my interest in conservation and the environment and is also how I discovered Curlew country.

I found out about Curlew Country through a university lecturer as she had put the famous Curlew Cam onto our online module page. Curlew Cam was a lovely escape during this time, as COVID19 had struck, and everyone was isolating. This was my first encounter with Curlew Country, I think I wanted to get involved there and then however, this was not possible for a myriad of reasons.

Fortunately, as I am sure you have deduced, I did manage to get involved with Curlew Country and I am very much enjoying all the new experiences and feel incredibly lucky to be able to contribute to the conservation of the Curlew.

So far whilst being here I have tried to get stuck in everywhere I can and to learn from all the amazing opportunities arising around me. I have participated in nest location, egg collection, setting up and maintaining the incubators, processing the curlew eggs, tracking egg development through candling, building the outdoor pens, as well as general publicity, and media creation.

Curlews are birds I have often seen in the estuaries where I grew up in Plymouth and I was unaware of their plight until recently. I hope by being here and not only working hands on with the headstarting but also with the Curlew Country publicity that I can share this message and raise more awareness. I feel incredibly lucky to be working with the team here, who have all been very welcoming as has everyone I have met through the Curlew Country events.

Until next time,


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