Cam Curlew – Guest post by Rosa James

We were sent this wonderful verse by Rosa James, inspired by our delightful pair on Curlew Cam, and wished to share with our supporters. We love seeing and hearing about your creativity inspired by our favourite wader. If you would like to share with us some artwork, writing, poetry, song, or any other creative exploit with a Curlew theme just email

What sort of wild creature can you be

watched by humans every daylight hour?

A click to your nest

(secret location)

and there you are

dozing, preening

deep in your curling curlew brain

you settle into the time span

of incubation

eggs nestled into your feathery underbelly

until the first one taps out of the shell

For most birds this is rest

hidden discreet and camouflaged

but you are famous:

under the vigilance

of your worried warriors

with their clever strategies and theories

of your decline and possible survival

It feels strange to me though

to intrude on your nest

Projecting concern of another species

keeping tabs on my every scratch-

Have I become Big Sister?

May this keep your species safe

and hold the echo of your upwards call

for centuries to come…..

Rosa James


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