Poetry Books Raising Funds for Curlew Appeal

Tales from the Wild and Birds and Beasts

Book Review by Amber Bicheno

Two newly published booklets of poetry and prose have been released, and Author Nigel Sustins has kindly pledged that £2 from each sale will be donated to the Curlew Country Appeal.

With a local theme, both of these charming booklets evoke life in the Countryside, whilst bringing to light some of the concerns and issues faced by its inhabitants.

Birds and Beasts details accounts and encounters with some of the wild inhabitants present in this landscape. From Hedgehogs through to stags and mysterious beasts, this collection of thoughtful poetry and musings is a delight for the reader. And of course, Curlew Country’s own namesake makes an appearance, with homage paid to the tireless work being conducted to save these birds from the brink.

Tales from the Wild has more of a human element within its writings, and weaves stories and tales of local personalities, imbued with folklore and mystery. It’s easy to imagine people with similar personas from our own experiences, those larger than life characters that make up our local communities.

The Curlew Man makes his appearance, and the glint of hope preceding his, somewhat mad, efforts, could be seen to mirror Curlew Country’s own small victories.

To buy the booklets and support the curlew appeal please click here.

“Curlews had not been heard in these parts for years, and folk lamented the loss of their gurgling cry.”

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