Day 18


In 2016, whilst ringing the ornithologist Tony Cross satellite tagged two curlews at Dolyd Hafren that we named Dolly and Fran, (much to his disapproval). Fran travelled to the Begwyn Hills, but was unlikely to have bred given her movement pattern and the last recorded signals for her were off the coast of Belgium. Dolly travelled to the Forest of Bowland where local RSPB warden, Gavin Thomas tracked her movements with help from our satellite information. Dolly nested last year, but the nest failed. This year she and her partner are nesting in the same spot. You can follow Dolly’s progress on our website:

Curlew Fact

When curlew have not laid a full clutch of eggs, both birds will still leave the nest to feed and can still be easily disturbed from it. Once incubating eggs, adult birds can sit extremely tightly on a nest and some can be passed by on foot without disturbing them.

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