A little bit of magic!

On Sunday, Jaques was keen to have one last ringing session before he heads off to Prince Edward Island, Canada on a 2 month ringing trip. We started with a little bit of dazzling just south of Aberystwyth where we managed to catch a Bar-tailed Godwit, an Oystercatcher and a single Dunlin which, apart from a few Ringed Plovers, was pretty much all we saw.

This time of the year is a good time to tape-lure Meadow Pipits as they commence their autumn migrations. The weather was perfect too with light winds and a little bit of hill fog so at first light we headed into the hills and set up a couple of mist-nets in a ‘V’ shape and placed the sound lure in the centre. Almost instantly pipits began responding and during the course of the morning a modest but steady 44 were ringed. Most were 1st year birds aged on the moult limit in the greater coverts although there were a couple of adults included, both showing the last traces of moult on their inner secondaries.

1st year Meadow Pipit showing pale and ‘toothed’ median coverts
The activity of the pipits attracted the curiosity of a couple of Stonechats, one of which was also caught and ringed.

 1st year male Stonechat
After browsing the Ringers’ Facebook page for a while on Jacques phone, and trying to decide if social media is really all that ‘sociable’, I glance up. “What’s that in the net?” I ask whilst simultaneously bundling myself out the door as fast as I can manage.

This stunning adult male Merlin was obviously hunting pipits too (but luckily no pipits were hurt during the taking of this bird)! A classic example of how ringing is full of lovely little surprises!

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