Nest Monitoring and Reports

Here you will find links to the projects nest monitoring reports to view. These go into more details about the activities undertaken by Curlew Country each season; outlining methodologies, interventions and findings. If you require any more information, please refer to our FAQ’s page or you can contact us.

Click here to view the 2019 summary report.

Click here to view the Summary of 2018 Nest Monitoring Report

Click here to view the 2017 summary report

During the curlew breeding seasons of 2015 and 2016, field ornithologists monitored over 30 nests.  No chicks survived.  Only 3 nests in each year survived beyond egg incubation stage to hatch chicks.

Follow the link to view the full 2016 Nest Monitoring Report.

Follow the link to view the full Curlew-Recovery-Project-Report 2015

Following the findings of these 2 years, steps were taken during 2017 to intervene. Different methods were trialled to increase chick numbers, including protective electric fencing around nests and two areas of lethal predator control. Around 20 nests were located, of which 18 were fenced with 2 nests predated before the fence could be placed. 30 chicks were successfully hatched, and of these between 1 and 3 fledged from wild nests.


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