The Curlew Quiz

Welcome to your The Curlew Quiz

Think you know a lot about curlew? Let's put your knowledge to the test!

What is the curlews biggest claim to fame?
 The female curlew differs from the male in what way?
 Compacted soil is good for which of the following?
 Which predator has been found by Curlew Country to pose the biggest threat to curlew?
 Why do curlew have such a long curved bill?
Within the Curlew Country Project area, which are the preferred habitat types for curlew to nest in? (Select 2)
 Which 3 key things do curlew need to survive?
 Which parent bird incubates the eggs?
 Which of the following conservation status's apply to curlew?
 Where do adult curlew prefer to feed in the Curlew Country area?
 How do curlew chicks prefer to feed?
 If a farm is in Countryside or Environmental stewardship, when is the earliest hay can be cut? (In England)
 What is the latest date that curlew chicks are likely to fledge by?
 Are breeding curlew territorial or colonial?
 Why do you see groups of curlew together during late summer?
Which other species would benefit from supporting breeding curlew? (Select all that apply)
 How long does a curlew incubate it's eggs for?

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