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The Shropshire Hills & Welsh Marches Curlew Recovery Project

Please help us to find out where nesting Snipe, Lapwing (Peewit), and Curlew are so that we can carry on our essential monitoring work to try and save our local populations.  Use the form below to submit your sightings. Please fill in as much information as you can. The information will be passed to our field ornithologist and one of our team may get in touch if there is anything that needs clarifying. Your personal details will only be used by us to help verify your sighting and not shared with third parties. The exact location of bird sightings will be obscured for privacy and to minimise disturbance to the birds. If you would like to be kept informed by email about the Curlew Country Project you can let us know at the end of the form.

This form is hosted by iRecord. You can use the forms on the iRecord site to submit all your UK wildlife sightings. You can also join iRecord to keep a log of all your records. NB If you are logged in to the iRecord system when you use our form your recorder display name will be associated with your sighting.

To find out more about our project please visit the Curlew Country web-page

If you have any difficulty using the form please call the office on 01938 561741 or email

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